Birthday: 30-07-1994
Age: 24
Star sign: Leo

Priyanka Chhabra born on July 30, 1994, is a well known Indian TV actress. She first came into limelight when she played the role of Princess Chaula in the TV series ‘ Shobha Somnath Ki’. The serial had a historical theme based on Mahmud Ghazni’s invasion of Somnath in 1026 AD.

Seeing the performance Priyanka was offered the role of ‘ Maya’ in MTV's youth based program ‘Webbed.' After doing some minor roles, her luck took a U-turn in 2013 when she was offered a lead role in Telugu Rom-Com ‘Athadu Aame O Scooter’ opposite Telugu Comedian Vennela Kishor.

She played the role of Lucky, and her comic timing was highly appreciated for this movie even though the language of the movie was Greek to her. After the Telugu movie, she is acting in a few other movies, but she doesn’t want to disclose the names.

In an interview when she was asked about doing any Bollywood movie she said she is waiting for the right script to come her way then she will join the bandwagon of big bad Bollywood. This sexy siren can consider herself lucky as she was out of Telly circuit soon after 1-2 serials and entered the Big League of cinemas. Otherwise, many talented and good looking actresses are still doing serials despite their trying best to catch a role in the movie. We wish her all the best for her upcoming projects.


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