The daily soap ‘Ek Ghar Banaunga” is a show with a magnificent and a very impressive star cast. But who can ignore the slim Salina Prakash who played the role of Kanu? But is it enough to describe Salina? Are you sure? A matured, smart, intelligent and sparkling diva of the Television Industry, is worth to look out for. Although, not much is known about her, neither her hometown, nor her date of birth, but she completed her graduation in Kathak, from Chandigarh. She has a good interest in music, dance and has overtime proven to be a very sincere and hard working lady in the industry.

As much as she loves putting all her talent in her work, she equally loves and is attached to her family. She has worked in many T.V serials like Mahadev, Shakuntala and Mission Fateh. Presently, her lead negative role in Ek Ghar Banuanga, has got her a lot of attention, not only from her fans, but director’s as well. In a conversation with The Times of India, she did not shy away from pointing out that her role requires her to shout in her scenes, whereas she as a person is a peaceful one, who loves to be on her own.

Currently, working on a show called “ Sarojini” which airs on Zee Telenetwork, which again is popular amongst its audience. Having done, varied type of roles, from the role of a mother in Shakuntala to a not-in-a-happy-married life woman in Sarojini and lastly, a negative role in Ek Ghar Banuanga, she agrees that since acting is her profession, she is bound to produce what her role demands. In Shakuntala, she played the mother of Dushyant, who was in real life as old as her, was a challenge. As for her, acting should really make the character come alive. She believes that the audience should look up to the character and think it to be in the same time frame, as portrayed.