Tina Sachdev is the Vice president and senior creative Director at J. Walter Thompson (JWT, Mumbai). The company focuses on contract advertisement, Brand building, Digital transformation, sector management amongst others. She reports to Executive Director (Creative), Tista Sen. These being her second innings with the company. Earlier, she acted as the Assistant Vice president of Bengaluru office. Her four years career span also earned her the assistant folio of the senior creative director with the brand.

In her stint with Rediffusion Y&R as a creative Director, she helped in creating content for the marketing house. She reported to Meenakshi Achan - Senior Creative Director at the time. Of the company's diversified portfolio, she led the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Financial services and Media. From beginning her career with Everest Advertisement, Delhi in 1995 to heading the leading advertisement agencies- this lady has surely gone to places with her creative flair. After three years, she shifted to MAA Bozell. Just two years and Rediffusion Y &R, Bengaluru came calling.

The 22 year plus career span of this gifted lady has bought a new lifeline to brands like Levi's, Van Heusen, Rotomac, Big FM, Black Dog, Kaya, Nike, Airtel, Sunsilk, Romanov, Panasonic, Ray Ban, ING-Vyasya Orange, etc. Apart from being gifted, she is a good team leader and visionary. Her quest for excellence coupled with the dedicated nature has made her the favorite amongst the top clients. Her touching narratives have surely made an impact on banking and luxury brands, who vie for her attention.

She is both involved in creative Direction as well as corporate strategy formulation. Her love for legends is visible in her music taste (She is a follower of Bob Dylan, Paolo Nutini, and Nat King Cole). Her hobby includes doodling and is an environment conscious individual. On her visit to Sion, she was alarmed by the way the crows perched on vehicles due to lack of trees. Her "Everyuth" Naturals advertisement using stand-up comedy and comedian for the portrayal of new generation females received appreciation.

She created a similar aura for Shaadi.com through their campaign titled "My conditions apply" underlining the female expectations from matrimony and breaking gender stereotypes. The intelligent utilization of packing material as a pastime through Smirnoff by doubling bottle as a source of entertainment. The young aged Indians love playing the game of truth and dare and hosting house parties. Hence the idea tapped the young generation. What more, she introduced in app experience for an enhanced digital platform called as "I choose." This appealing ad campaign along with packaging that offered metal clasp to hold the bottle in place to facilitate spinning got The Silver Abby Award in Design.