Amit Varma

Other names of Amit Varma: Amit Verma
Birthday: 06-10-1978
Age: 40
Star sign: Scorpio

Amit Varma is the well-known writer he resides in Mumbai. He finished his studies in Fergusson College, Pune. For more than a decade he has worked in Journalism, and he has also won an award Bastiat for his contribution towards Journalism in the year 2007 which aims at honoring Journalists. Apart from Journalism he has worked on Advertising and Television. Again he is a very well known writer he has contributed towards publications like The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, and Wisden Cricketers Almanack. My friend Sancho was the best-selling novel until the date which was published in the year 2009 it was a novel based on a love story set in Mumbai. Formerly he was Managing Editor of Cricinfo India, and now he is working as a consultant. He was also writing a weekly column for the very famous newspaper named Mint. He is very well known for his blog India Uncut it won the best Indibloggies award in the year 2005. His first Novel was a great success, and it was the best-selling novel in India for the year 2009. Right now he is concentrating more on playing poker as his next Novel will be based on Poker. He was also named as one among the top 50 influencing people in India for the year 2009 by Business Week.



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