Jayant Pawar is a celebrated Marathi writer, whose plays are adapted for Marathi and Bollywood movies. When his plays are lifted for a movie project, Jayant Pawar writes the screenplay of the movie’s story too. Jayant Pawar began his career in the film industry as a screenplay writer for the Bollywood movie ' It's Breaking News’ that released in October 2007. Vishal Inamdar had written and directed this film. Smita Shreyas Mhaskar was the producer of the movie and Kaushal Inamdar was the music director.

The credit of screenplay was shared by three persons and they are Sanjay Mone, Jayant Pawar, Saahil. The film stars Koel Puri, Abhimanyu Singh, Harsh Chhaya, Veerendra Saxena, Shishir Sharma, Swati Sen in lead roles. It is a story of a raped victim seeking justice from a corrupted police officer who in turn exploits her for physical pleasure. Unable to bear the physical torture by police officials, the girl takes the help of a TV media channel to expose the bitter truth. Basically, the innocent girl wanted to seek help from police personnel after her father’s death.

How she gets trapped in the kept-woman business racket implemented by police groups and how the girl gets help from a TV channel to do a sting operation is the whole story of the movie. In the year 2010, Jayant Pawar's play 'Adhantar' was adapted for a film version which was titled ' City of Gold' and was directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. Jayant Pawar also co-wrote the screenplay of the film with Mahesh Manjrekar. The film explores the life of 1980, Mumbai’s mill workers who rendered jobless. It was a story of a family of mill workers in Mumbai. Music by Ajit Parab, cinematography by Ajit Reddy & editing was by Sarvesh Parab.

The film was released in Marathi and Hindi languages. In the year 2016, Jayant Pawar wrote the story of a Marathi movie 'Ticha Umbartha’, and the movie is based on his play, Maza Ghar. The film story is about a woman striving for her place in the world after being unjustly rejected by her husband. Pradeep Ghonsikar has directed the movie with Tejaswini Pandit in the protagonist and feminist role. Jayant Pawar was also the chief assistant director of a Marathi movie 'Timepass 2' (2015) which was directed by Ravi Jadhav. The film stars Priyadarshan Jadhav, Priya Bapat, and Prathamesh Parab.