Birthday: 13-04-1932
Age: 86
Star sign: Taurus

K.P.Saxena is one of the renowned satirists and writers of the city of NAWAB ‘Lucknow,’ His full name is Kalika Prasad Saxena. Earlier He was professor of Botany for few years in the Christian college and after that worked in the Indian Railway and retired as a station master and he was also indulges in writing magazines, newspaper, and channel Doordarshan. Indian government awarded him one of the prestigious awards of India Padma Shri in 2000. K. P. Saxena was born on April 13, 1932, in Bareilly and completed his school and college qualification in Lucknow, but he had the deep interest in writing from childhood, used to write in school time, and his friend and family member praised him, which became his inspiration.

He pursued his career in writing only. He used to write in Hindi, Awadhi, and Urdu, Earlier he wrote only for Lucknow, but his matter was tremandous so that he got an opportunity to work with popular magazines of India. He had cancer and after long suffering, passed away at the age of 81 in Lucknow by Cardiac Arrest on October 31, 2013, His death was a great loss for writing world “An era of satire ended with Saxena.’ He kept the foundation of serial in television industry, firstly he wrote his serial ‘Bibi Nation Wali’ in 1981 for Lucknow Doordarshan. Audiences praised this series and later it was telecast on National Television. In 1982, his another Hindi serial on the subject of bonded labor was telecast weekly on BBC channel. In 1982, his first book published ‘Koi Patthar Se Na Mare’ after that published ‘ Dar Bhat Charge.’ Duster Ki Kahaniyan’ and ‘Parat Dar Parat.’.

Between 2000 to 2013 he was active in Bollywood movies as a screen play and dialogue writer such as ‘ Lagaan’(2000) ‘ Hulchul’(2004) ‘Swadesh’(2005) and so on. He was not only the writer but Satirist as well as Columnist, He was a regular visitor of Hindi Kavi Sammelans and was popular among poets. People used to call him ‘Bestwriter in humor.’ K.P. contributed 50 years to writing and wrote more 17.000 pieces. He introduces unique style called Lakhnavi in the Hindi literature world. His talent and lakhnavi style became very famous at that time. He got credit to promote Lakhnavi books and series worldwide. He used Urdu language while interaction like ‘amma Ayaan’ [hey you], ‘tabiyat ki hai’ (I felt like), ‘Barkhudar’ (son) and so on, which allowed him to adopt different writing skill and made him different from others. He was the eminent writer, wrote several poems such as ‘Bapu he Bandar.’ ‘ Naam,’ ’Bhoot Vallarta.’ and so on.

He wrote stories such as ‘Kis much see’ and Laghukatha such as ‘Aukaat.’ ‘Confused.’ ‘Kissa kidney ka’ and ‘Patrata.’ These all are written in Lakhnavi language. As a Satirist, his work always revolved around Mirza, Bibiji, and Pandit. Bank Locker’ was his famous column. Apart from writing he was active in social work too.He used to run NGO and helped for poor children. He also got so many nominations for his work such as Best Dialogue in Filmfare Award and Guild Award.



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