Bullet Prakash

Other names of Bullet Prakash: Prakash
Birthday: 03-04-1976
Age: 42
Star sign: Taurus
Normally movie comedians can boast of a higher number of movies than actors doing lead roles. This is simply because they can fit into a larger number of movies, a comedian having almost become a staple diet for movie goers. Even allowing for that bonus, the leading comedian of Kannada films, Bullet Prakash perhaps has had an unbelievingly prolific run, so much so, that his fans love to watch just the videos of his comic scenes over and over again. In fact even his screen name has a touch of funniness about it – although his real name is Prakash, the “Bullet” got added to it due to his fondness for his Royal Enfield Bullet motor bike which is his constant companion. This chubby faced 39 year old comedian, whose very facial expressions evoke laughter amongst his numerous fans, has so far clocked over 300 films in all, which also include a few in Telegu. In a career spanning 15 years it is no small feat to have acted on an average in more than 20 films per year. While the prefix “bullet” must have obviously brought him much luck in his career, the Bullet has also been the cause of a major mishap in his career. During the shooting of a bike stunt scene in the film “ Bhujanga”, Bullet Prakash and lead actor Prajwal Devraj were both badly injured when trying out the stunt without dummies. In his own words, Prakash had declared that it could have been fatal, with the bike along with the lead actor falling on top of him. He felt it was really a providential escape and sheer good luck for him. This incident apart, Prakash has somehow always been in the news for something or the other, even getting embroiled in controversies, like the time he faced the ire of certain sections in Tamilnadu, trying to do a thinly veiled caricature of DMK leader Karunannidhi, in the 2012 Kannada film “Nimbe Huli”. Although he had nothing to do with politics in Tamilnadu, he did start dabbling in the politics of his own state Karnataka by first trying to enter municipal elections as a JDU(S) candidate, but later on joining the BJP, with which his mother is closely associated. While it would be difficult to talk about all his 300 plus movies, the ones which have been most popular include the 2008 released comedy romance “Mast Maja Maadi” and the 2010 out and comedy film “Aithalakkadi” with Prakash in one of the leading roles. “Mallikarjuna” in 2011 and more recently “ Aryan” in 2014 are two of his other movies which need mention. His appearance on Kannada TV has also not been without a bit of sensation, as he joined the reality television show, “Big Bos” not as a regular participant but as a guest only.


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