Birthday: 04-07-1973
Age: 45
Star sign: Leo

Komal Kumar is now sandalwood’s comedy king. He has an impressing career. He has acted in over 100 films so far. He always had the passion for acting. This actor only did clean comedy film, and he refused to be a part of vulgar comedy movies. He had the habits of cutting down the vulgar dialogues even during dubbing as he is of the opinion that vulgarity never pays in the end. He became an actor by accident. His brother was a struggling actor then.

When he was a student in a law college, a person had approached him asking if he was interested in acting. But the film did not happen. He did a couple of movies and left his studies. When he realized that he could act, he had no looking back. He got an offer for five films, and in one of them, he was even a hero, with his brother, playing the supporting role. People also encouraged him as he had a photogenic face, but most of the films flopped, and he was out of any more assignment (left with no offers). It is then he took up the role of a distributor of films. He distributed about 30 films, which did not pay him much dividend; he met with a huge loss.

It was then he returned to acting once again. He was offered Rs 1,000 for his roles. Soon he got Rs 5000 for roles that he had played. To make both ends meet, he started working even in shifts. However, his luck still did not smile upon him, and he wanted to turn hero in films. His film “Garagasa” was a hit. Soon he produced films for him again where he could act as a leading champion, but that did not help him either. He even performed some villain roles, and he was successful.

Thus, he tried experimenting with various kinds of roles. Even many heroes did not act with him as he could steal the scenes from under their nose. He has performed with many leading and established actors during his time. Komal is an actor, distributor, producer and even won awards for his performances in Thangi (2003), Neenello Naanalle(2006) and Govindaya Namaha (2012), which has established himself as a bankable comedian in cinema.

Another Version Of This Bio...

Komal Kumar is a Kannada actor born on 4 July 1973, in a small village Mayasandra, Turvekere Tumkur district, Karnataka. Komal is the younger brother of Jaggesh, who is also a renowned Kannada actor. Komal made his debut in Kannada film industry as a supporting hero in the movie Super Nan Maga in the year 1992. The film was a flop, but Komal did not get disheartened.

Komal had to overcome a lot of difficulties at the start of his career. Komal was offered small roles in the Kannada movies until he was given lead role as an actor in Kal Manja and Mr. Garagasa, which was a remake of the Bollywood film Bheja Fry. Komal is married to Anasooya, who is the producer of his movie Kal Manja.

Komal has won many awards in his career namely Karnataka State Film Award for Best Supporting Actor in the year 2003 for the film Thavarige Baa Thangi and South Filmfare Award for the Best Supporting Actor in the year 206 for Neenello Naanalle. In 2012, Komal won hearts of the people with his first Blockbuster film Govindaya Namah, whose song Pyarge Aagbittaite went viral among the fans and was the super hit song of the year 2012 in Kannada film industry. Until now, Komal has played various roles in more than 100 movies and had earned a big name in the comedy genre. With almost more than two decades in the Kannada film industry, Komal is a big name adulated by his fans.

The road to success for Komal was not an easy one, but he kept on trying and eventually earned a considerable fame in the Kannada film industry. Komal has now become an eminent personality in the Kannada film industry, and fans would continue love to watch him in every movie.