DJ Rohit is a Disc Jockey (DJ) from Karnataka. He predominantly works in the Kannada music industry. He is an essential element and ingredient of the party circuits in South India, and he has been in the business for more than five years now. Not only is his party circuit limited to the club he performed in or his state, but he can also be seen doing numerous dance parties, launch parties of various A-list products, fashion shows, wedding parties, commercial events, and so on.

The popularity of his music and remixes is common amongst the crowd of Karnataka, especially in Bangalore. He has tried his hand in almost all genres of music. According to him, his knowledge in sound and music mixing helps him to try all genres. DJ Rohit also works in various night lounges and clubs, but he can mainly be found in Amer Discotheque. His music style is not defined by one genre alone; he has a wide range and variety of song forms such as Bollywood, tribal, trance, old school, bootlegged, hip hop, progressive, and RnB. DJ Rohit’s major skills lie in CD-remixing; hence, his collection of work is phenomenal.

But he does not only rely on premixing for his shows; his live mixing skills are also appreciated. With the perfect use of the turntable emulator, he manages to churn out the perfect scratches. In his words, a DJ is the captain of the ship, and the charge of the crowd lies in his hands. He uses the latest and the most trending songs to make mixes for his parties. Furthermore, he gives mixing classes on YouTube to help aspiring DJs learn the art. According to DJ Rohit, the art of mixing for a good party mainly depends on the connection and rapport with the crowd and the DJ.

He said, the DJ should access the mood of the audience and viewers, whereas, the crowd should understand and go with the flow of the music given by the DJ. Just like any other DJs, getting in this profession was initially difficult for DJ Rohit. Hence, he believes in doing his best in this field since this line of work also has expiration for every DJ. So he always assures that he can give his crowd an unforgettable experience every time they dance to his mixes.