Abhro Banerjee is an editor of documentaries, short films, Bengali and Bollywood and Kannada film too. He is also a writer and worked with visual effects, music and sound departments too. The first film he handled as an independent editor in a feature film was a Bengali movie 'Abosheshey' (2011) which had stars like Roopa Ganguly, Raima Sen and Ankur Khanna in lead roles.

Aditi Roy directed the film and Anil B Dev produced the movie. The film was screened at many international film festivals and won accolades too from critics. In the year2012, he wrote the story and did the screenplay for a movie ‘ Love You To Death’ which was directed by Rafeeq Ellias who also had a share in the screenplay of the film. Abhro Banerjee acted in the movie too along with Kallol Banerjee and Sohrab Ardeshir, He began his career with a documentary 'Nero's Guest' (2009) which was directed by Deepa Bhatia. He was the editor of this documentary. In the year 2011, he again handled the editing department of the documentary 'Quarter No. 4/11' which released in Korea.

A few more documentary films that he was associated as an editor are 'Limitless' (2017), 'Our Metropolis'(2014), 'Distance' (2014), and 'Fireflies in the Abyss' (2015). He also edited some short movies like 'Arre Baba' which depicted the story of a young hid Devika who has no mother but her father takes care of her.

He cannot understand that she misses having a mother. The short film was written and directed by Surya Balakrishnan. Director Surya Balakrishna also had written the screenplay. In the year 2015, he was editor of a Kannada movie ' The Plan' which was written and directed by Keerthi. by Ashok Shetty, Sunil Shetty, and Keerthi produced the film.

It was a suspense thriller movie that depicted the life of the prisoners when they plan to escape from the jail. Do they succeed in their plan? Editing for this Kannada movie was by Abhro Banerjee and Dipankar Sikder was the cinematographer.



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