Tilak Shekar

Other names of Tilak Shekar: Tilak
Birthday: 14-03-1982
Age: 37
Star sign: Aries

Tilak Shekar is an Indian actor who mainly works in the Kannada movie industry. He is famous for his negative roles in the Kannada movies. Before joining the Kannada movie Industry, Tilak had been modeling for full time. His debut movie was ‘Ganda Hendathi’ in the year 2006 which was the Kannada remake of the Bollywood movie ‘Murder’, in which Tilak Shekhar played the role of Emraan Hashmi. Although the movie didn’t work out at the box office and failed to impress the critics, it still managed to bag Tilak a prominent role in his next movie; that was, ‘Meera Madhava Raghava’. The movie was a critical success and managed to gain average popularity in the box office. After this, movies kept on coming his way, some worked and some didn’t. So far, he has starred in some 18 movies. One of his major successes has been the movie ‘ Ugramm’ for which he bagged a nomination in the ‘Filmfare for best supporting actor – Kannada’. Other than starring in Kannada movies,

Tilak has also starred in a Tamil movie, Octopus. He was also a guest in the Kannada version of Bigg Boss in 2013. In an interview, he once talked about his image on the screen and off the screen, saying, “People assume I am quite like the guy they see me play on screen. Some others assume that I am definitely dating whoever I am seen onscreen with. But once they meet me, they feel I am really nice guy — which I actually am. To a large extent, my stint on the Kannada Bigg Boss helped break that image. Thanks to the reach that television has, I became a household name — and people saw the real me for a change.” Tilak Shekar’s most notable work so far has been Ugramm, the movie earned some 55Crores at the box office and ran for a record 125 days in the theatres. The music too was a hit; it has been a big milestone in his career as an actor.