Meghana Lokesh, born in Mysore, has become a very famous Telugu and Kannada film and television actress. She is a versatile actress with a very admirable personality. Her down to earth characters have further developed her fan-following. She plays the lead role in a popular TV serial called “ Sasirekha Parinayam”, that airs on Maa TV Channel. However, she is popularly known as Sashi B.Tech. She did roles in Kannada TV serials before her debut in Telugu. In her interview, she said she liked working in a lab with an apron wrapped around her body, and she always had a dream to become a Chemistry lecturer. Her family background is very simple and sober. Her father and brother both are engineers, and her mother is a Kannada lecturer.

She has also appeared in a ZEE Kannada TV channel show, which was called, “ Purushottama”. Moreover, she got nominated for the 3rd Suvarna Parivaar Awards, which defined her talent and qualities as an actress.


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