Manu Mohit is an Indian film actor, who mostly worked in Malayalam film Industry. He was born in 1987 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Later, he shifted to Vellore with his family. He loved acting and in his school days, and used to take part in school theatre.

He has played many roles as a supporting actor, or crew member. He is well known for his work in 168 Hours, Sambar and Trigger. He worked as an actor in the movie “Trigger” which was released in 2011. The movie was directed by Prasad Yadav, starring Sathyaraj, Manasa, Manu Mohit, Urmilla Unni and many more. The movie was based on the storyline of a boy Adityan (Manu Mohit) whose parents were killed when he was young, and as he grew up he decided to take revenge from the killers of his parents.

One night, he encountered Bhama (Manasa), a teenage girl who was seeking shelter to protect herself from the Hooligan. Adityan protects her during the scenario and story continues. After “Trigger,” he played a role of supporting actor in the movie “Sambar.” Sambar is a Malayalam movie directed by Navas Kallara, starring Aathi Venugopal, Bazal Saith, Sriha Nair as main cast and Manu Mohit, Joy Kurian, Fazal Becker, as supporting actors.

This movie was a family drama which was full of comedy and serious moments. "A fun watching movie," it is, the critics said. Later in 2016, he worked for 168 Hours, a Malayalam Horror film directed by KG Vijayakumar, starring Anju Priya, Manu Mohit, and Seema G Nair. The movie was released in 2016. It was based on the storyline about a couple who wants to marry each other.

When they took their horoscope to a renowned priest, he tells them if they get married they both will die within 168 hours. The movie was fairly hit in theatre and all the actors were appreciated for their performances in the movie. Manu Mohit has also played vital roles in many dramas and plays. Apart from acting, he also loves playing musical instruments. He loves reading books too.