Eva Pavithran is the young actress who works actively in the Malayalam film industry and is a well-known classical dancer. She is the daughter of the famous filmmaker V.K. Pavithran and the prominent dancer Kalamandalam Kshemavathy, who is from Kerala. Her father directed movies like Yaro Oral, ‘Utharam’, etc. He was also a music composer but died on February 26, 2006. She has also got a sister named ‘ Lakshmi’. Eva did not have much interest in acting and was more inclined towards fashion industry.

She also worked in Mumbai in an eminent fashion magazine named ‘Femina’. She worked as a beauty director there. She was beautiful, and her face was always full of expressions. She was Miss Thrissur at the age of 15 and earned the title of Miss Coimbatore in college. She also applied for Miss India contest but could not qualify because of her small height. She made her debut with the movie "The Campus" which was directed by ‘ Mohan’. She was only twenty when she made her first film. The film was an average grosser and could not achieve much success.

She also acted in the movie ‘Krithyam’. It is a Malayalam movie by Viji Thampi in which a girl discovers that she is left with only six months to live. Unable to bear the shock, she hires an assassin to end her life. She took a long break of 10 years before appearing in her next picture. Meanwhile, she continued her classical dancing and polished it. She returned to the industry with the picture ‘ Rockstar’ directed by V.K. Prakash. It was released on November 3, 2015, and was shot in Bangalore. She starred opposite Siddharth Menon.

The script of the movie was written by her longtime friend and colleague ‘ Rajshree’. She told the story to Eva intending to make a short film on it. But when Eva heard it, she insisted that the story should reach a wider audience as it had that power to touch their hearts. She played the character of a pro-feminist and a beauty consultant who was independent and had different views towards life. This character matched much to her real life character as she had been living in Mumbai all alone and had been taking all her decisions independently. She was also featured in a television show named " Smart Show" which aired on Flowers TV. Unlike other actresses, Eva is a little more healthy and plump, but this never came between her and her acting.

Another Version Bio...

Eva Pavithran is a south Indian actor, who’s worked mainly in Malayalam films, born in Kerala at Thrissur, of KalamandalaKshemavathy and late VK- the director. Eva's parents are artists. Eva's sibling Lakshmi, who’s not an actor is very close and guides her in any situation. Both are Keralite and dancers. She was keen on the fashion industry. Eva shared both good and bad moments with her parents; Her mother Kalamandala Kshemavathy is an accomplished classical dancer and teacher from Thrissur. After school, she conducted script and dance classes and collecedt toys. She has charming eyes, talkative nature, active in beauty pageants, Miss Thrissur at school age( fifteen years old) and won the title of Miss Coimbatore in college days.

Eva's father VK died. She was only twenty years old when she started acting and also worked in leading magazine(Times of India Group)in Mumbai, stayed ten years in Mumbai and after a long break of ten years, returned to Malayalam movie,'Rockstar.' Took a role addressing the elephant in the room. First movie director VKP-it was a short film. Co-director was Rajashree-responsibility's (narrates the script). After his enters the big screen and reaches audiences of Mollywood. VKP announces Eva as her actress in two recent movies-'Rockstar' in 2015- Now in Talkies, and another movie was 'Kanni Mutual Midhunam Vare'-releasing soon.

The big-screen debut was 'The Campus' (2005) directed by Mohan, later acted in 'Krithyam'(2005)-director Viji Thampi-Actor and actress Prithviraj Sukumaran, Pavithra, and JagathiSreekum. Eva is presently working as a self-employmer, and freelancer and a beauty styling director conceptualizing and executing beauty features. She played Athira Menon, a pro-feminist and intrepid beauty consultant in the films. She was in numeroud TV shows like Smart Show which aired on Flowers Tv. Eva played the female lead opposite Madhu Warrior in the Campus movie. She was a journalist whose parents also supported during the job next she became an actor.

Eva Pavithran is married to cinematographer Pradeesh M Varma on Friday; both made for each other. Eva and Pradesh are in the same field, Hindu's and acting. Both are engaged. The wedding wasdone in a traditional Hindu ceremony, Celebrities Jayaram, Parvathy, and Anumol, were present for the reception. Eva is in a music band called Thaikkudam Bridge; formed by Govind Menon and Siddharth Menon, Eva met Pradesh M Varma as a cinematographer in Nivin Pauly's (1983), Dulquer Shamans' (100Days of Love), Dileep's (Sundara Rathrikal), and Asif Ali's (Kohinoor).