The movie, Veyilum Mazhayum absorbed by newcomer Shaiju N., a College of Theatre alumnus, Vijayakumari (thespian Mukesh’smom), ShobiThilakan (kid of artistThilakan), Harikumar K.G. (comrade of artistMurali). Actor Sudhir Karamana (a lad of performerKaramanaJanardanan), and Harindranath (Padmarajan’s nephew) in significant parts. The screenplay and script are by BabuPallassery, comrade author J. Pallasserry.

Ashokan Arjunan, the youngster of M.K. Arjunan, makes his entrance as a music manager, while vocalist Rakesh Brahmanandan (spawn of soloistK.P. Brahmanandan) finalizes the list. All of them are there because of they apt the roles so justly. Now, J. Pallasery thinks this, maybe, is going to be the USP of the picture. Apart from this, let me guarantee you Veyilum Mazhayum will be dissimilar in its conduct of an in the tense social subject: fierceness against females.

The movie that took two meticulous years to conclude has shot on sites at Adoor and Kottarakkara. These wanderers do not have partitions around them. And the story proceeds via the eyes of Aparna, frolicked by Manasi, who subsists a walled-in being in one of the flats. For Pallassery and Ashokan, both vastly talented, it has been a long-awaited halt. Strongly prejudiced by Murali, his elder brother, trailed him in his dramatic chases and even worked as the associate instructor to Sibi Malayil in many movies. In the launch, it was a job on the platform.

Those were the attempt she got. In the 1980s he toiled with Murali Annan at Natyagriha. For his famed ‘Lankalakshmi’ solo presentation he did the tune. He used to take him besides of all the Chalachitra Movie Culture broadcasts. So, by the time he was fifteen or sixteen he had observed a lot of masterpieces, though he did not really comprehend them wholly. The manager asserted that he does the character of the cop in this flick, who is a detective in real life.

“This sheriff,” here starts, is not the kind one typically sees in Malayalam movies. He portrays a sub-inspector who performs hard outdoor but is good at heart. He does not thunder and see them, but is powerless, bound by guidelines and the poking instruction. There are two melodies in the movie. And Ashokan, who had earlier created for devotional records, has put his heart and personality into the arrangements. The lines are by Pramod Payyannur and Harikumar. Vishwajith offers the background music. A duet chanted by Sithara and Ganesh Prabhu, a gifted newcomer, is one and the former is a single by Rakesh.