RJ Saha - Diary Saha



R J Saha, predominantly known as "Dairy Saha" among Trichy radio listeners, is the anchor of the show ‘ Nil Gavani Sol’ in Zee Tamizh TV channel. It is a comprehensive talk show that featured participants for all walks of life and people across all age groups. It is a total infotainment show. The show takes into concern every factor that has much appeal amongst viewers be it a compelling argument, hilarious joke, and even inspiring comments.

The anchor always has his genius ways of kicking off the show making it funny. He also has hilarious skits and unpredictable interviews. The show has proved that R J Saha is a man who loves everyone and also has no problems talking to people for hours. He is a personality that just makes you listen to him. The guests invited by him share their views, suggestions and opinions which sure ia a great interest of many audience.

Recently, he has introduced the different local singers and bands and people on his talk show which made the show more unique. The show always has its best guest, and it is so relaxed to watch which can light any one’s mood while watching the program. R J Saha is an excellent talk show host known for the long talkative format of his show.

Thoroughly, he enjoys talking with the people even with opposite views but discusses any subject matter on the show that is of great interest to people of Tamil Nadu. The show on Zee Tamizh has garnered the highest ratings at any new syndicated program at 9 PM daily. The hilarious jokes and burning topics and arguments and inspiring comments from guests and the anchor R J Saha gave life and color to the show.


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V J Rakshan
Archana Mohan
Vani Shri
VJ Sowmya