Manoj Pradhan is an Indian cinematographer in the Tamil film industry. He's one of the rising talents in the industry. Mr. Pradhan is a part of two films as a cinematographer. Before entering into the world of the movie industry, he was earlier a Director of Photography in the famous BBC Worldwide series called ' Ek Boond Ishq'. He was interested in photography from a very young age.He was also interested in music and he said in an interview, that if he had to choose something else in his career, then it would have taken him away from his passion. He always loved to do photography. So, he decided to pursue his career in this and did his specialization in cinematography, then immediately after that, he started working as an assistant cameraman in Assam.

After this, he came to Mumbai and got an opportunity working with Kiran Devam for seven months. Afterwards, in 1999 he dabbled with Sayed Raja and with him he did a couple of feature films. He also did 'BBC Ek Boond Ishq'. He believes that the most important thing in cinematography is how to place a camera at the perfect angle and its movement; it all should be logical and perfect. The secondary factor is lighting. He is very compassionate and also friendly with his co-workers. He believes that it makes working with anyone easier. Mr. Manoj Pradhan worked as a cinematographer in his debut film called ' Shorgul' released on 24th June 2016 directed by Jitendra Tiwari. The motion picture was produced by Swatantra Vijay Singh & Swatantra Vijay Singh.

It was beautifully written by Jitendra Tiwari, Shashi Verma, Raj Verma, and Khalid Azmi. It starred actors like Jimmy Shergill, Suha Gezen, Narendra Jha, Sanjay Suri, and Ashutosh Rana. The story was written by none other than Jitendra Tiwari. The story revolves around a Hindu boy named Raghu played by Anirudh Dave, and Muslim girl named Zainab played by Suhana Gezen, and the story starts with their innocent friendship, which later created a blunder of a political minefield, causing chaos and unrest in a state called Uttar Pradesh. The other movie he did was ' Chapekar Brothers', directed by Devender Kumar Pandey. It was a Hindi Biopic that shows and speaks the untold sagas of freedom fighters. Mr. Maoj Pradhan acted as a director of photography in this motion picture. The film received positive feedback from critics and the Indian audience.



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