NS Uthaya Kumar is a Tamilian by birth and heart – born and brought up in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He finished his schooling at Anjuham Higher Secondary School in the district of West Mambalam and knew that he had an affinity for the arts at a very early stage in his life.

Following his love for literature, cinema, and music, Kumar joined the Government School of Fine Arts (previously known as the Madras School of Art). This establishment is supposed to be the oldest arts college in the entire country and was erected in 1850 by Alexander Hunter, a surgeon at the time, to be a private arts school and college.

This is the same institution that produced a few all-time public favorites: renowned actor and painter, Sivakumar, K.M. Adimoolam, an artist, and many more such notable personalities. This entitlement of being an alumni of the Visual Communication course in the famous Government School of Arts gave Kumar the immediate exposure that he needed to enter the Tamil film industry immediately after his college days, in the year 2004.

However, most of his works during that decade are unknown or not accounted for. Only after his marriage in the year 2013 did his contribution to Tamil cinema get noticed. He chose the role of director of photography in all of his movies and came to be known as one of the most creative cinematographers in the industry. His most notable works are Aal, which was released in 2014, Metro, which was released in 2016, and his most recent 2017 hit, Kurangu Bommai.

The first movie on this list, Aal, follows the plot of a man who is blackmailed by a terrorist group to do unspeakable things, and while it did not get raving reviews, Kumar’s 2016 hit Metro pleased audiences as it was something different that pertained to the social hierarchy of every-day life. It is acclaimed to be realistic and “hard-hitting” to the public the director seems to be showing the audience what’s going on behind the scenes of the mundane lifestyle that we are so used to.

Kumar got to work with celebrities like Ananda Krishnan, who directed the film, and earned enough exposure with this project for his work to be one of the most acclaimed in the entire industry. His most recent film, Kurangu Bommai was the one that hit the audiences right in their hearts, with its dramatic takes, unexpected twists, and honest to god acting. Kumar has always had a fine crew to work beside and it has only pushed him forward in his path to glory.