We fall short of words to describe this immensely talented, inquisitive, and courageous young director, Deeraj Vaidy. The latest youth icon says that he was passionate about writing and also wanted to work for out of the box ideas. It was this passion which thrust him into short filmmaking. The 24 years old director says that when he came to Coimbatore from Chennai, he did enough work on short documentaries and recalled that they were low and sometimes a zero budget project. He was doing great with his short films on various unspoken and unfolded topics of society. But this was never going to satisfy this budding talent. At the final year of the degree, he thought of pursuing filmmaking as his career. His decision was becoming more firm and strong with time as well as the awards which his short film projects brought to him. The young director believes the most in self-learning and says that doing assistantship under another director was never his option. The curious director did not do haste while making this decision. He gave himself nine months before making it fully to the show biz world. For these nine months, he was working with a leading software company. The director’s first project was closed in mere six months and now as we all know waiting for his project Jil Jung Juk.

He bagged actor Siddharth for this one and said that the actor has always been his first choice for the role. He believes Siddharth never hesitates to experiment with his roles and movies. The role of the movie surely has the demand of such character in the lead role. Siddharth is also producing the film, and Deeraj feels grateful for this gesture. Deeraj never forgets to mention his friends and colleagues who helped him in every thick and thin situation of life. These friends are his crew now. The director says that he will not be able to imagine any project without these people, and he constantly needs their support. Also, Deeraj is happy with the response he is getting for the teaser, trailer, and songs of the upcoming movie Jil Jung Juk. Previously he was concerned about the movie’s delayed schedule due to floods in Chennai, but now he is optimistic about his project. Deeraj says he will be soon sneaking out after the release of his movie Jil Jung Juk so that e can think and work on another project.


J A Ragupathi
Yuvaraj Dhayalan
Arasar Raja