Birthday: 01-01-1958
Age: 61
Star sign: Aquarius

Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan is an actor and director from Kerala, best known for his mystery-thriller, ‘ Lens’. Jayaprakash was originally a software engineer. Ten years after working in the field, he quit his job in the United States and returned to India. He made this decision to pursue acting. He became famous in the Malayalam film industry due to his roles in the movies ‘Yennai Aarindhal’ and ‘Urumi’.

He was already a well-established actor in Kerala when he decided to venture into the field of direction. He debuted as a director with his multi-lingual thriller film, ‘Lens’. The film shows the dangers of social media and cyber networking addiction. The majority of the movie takes place between two characters, who meet and interact with each other on Skype. The characters talk to each other in English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam.

Jayaprakash not only directed and wrote the screenplay for the movie, he also played the role of the protagonist, Aravind. Initially, Jayaprakash decided not to act in the film, but since the film was a risky venture, being multi-lingual and carrying with it a bold theme, no one was willing to play the lead role. Hence, Jayaprakash decided to do it. The story deals with two strangers, Aravind and Nikki, who start interacting with each other on Skype. Everything seems to be going well until Nikki asks Aravind to watch her commit suicide live. This shows the difference between who ‘Nikki’ really is, and how she portrays herself online.

Jayaprakash said he wanted to capture the image of the society as realistically as possible through this movie. The film received tremendous critical acclaim from celebrities like Lal Jose and Vineeth Srinivasan. Jayaprakash won the ‘ Gollapudi Srinivas’ Award for Best Debut Director as well.