K Nataraj is an Indian Actor and director in the Tamil film industry. He is a close friend of the Tamil superstar Rajinikanth, and the two are known for their deep bond throughout the film industry. They have been very close friends since their college days when they started studying at the Madras Film Institute. They were both the early students of the Institute since it was newly formed. They have worked together on two projects, Anbulla Rajinikanth in 1984, which was directed by Nataraj and Rajinikanth was the chief protagonist. The other is Rajinikanth’s first ever production venture, Valli in 1993, which again was directed by his closest friend their friendship the ultimate goals, its so intense so as to fore Nataraj to name his daughter Rajini, after the famed superstar Rajinikanth, his best buddy. She is now happily married to the actor Vishnu Vishal, who shot to fame after his film Neerparavai, in 2010.

Nataraj got his Diploma in film acting from the Madras Film Institute and after that, he entered the Tamil film industry. During his time, this Institute was newly formed and upon seeing the Ad in the newspaper, he went to join, taking the Tamil language as his medium. He later worked in an instructor in the same college for some three to four years during 1975. During that period, he instructed the now well-known face of the actor Nassar as well. Simultaneously, he worked as an actor in K Balachander’s films and also as an assistant director. Later, he became an associate director of the production company named Devar Films. There he worked with Tygarajan for some time, on a few movies. At that time, he worked on projects such as Thaipuram, Nalla Naal, Apoorva Sahodarikal etc. During his days as an associate director, producer Azhagan Thamizhmani and writer Thooyavan watched a film called Touch of Love in which Elvis Presley was their for a guest appearance, at some film festival, and they loved it.

They loved it so much; it prompted them to do a remake of the same in Tamil. Thooyawan had finished the screenplay, but they could not find a suitable actor to cast as the hero since they wanted to cast the actor MGR, but couldn’t. To fill his shoes, Rajinikanth was given the role and Nataraj was also roped in to work on the film, after he heard the script. The film was an instant hit and collected great critical applause.