RV Udhaya Kumar

RV Udhaya Kumar was born in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. He is a film director by profession and has been in the industry since 1988 and has directed more than 25 films. His father is ‘Venkatasamy’, and his mother is ‘Kannammal’. His family belongs to an agricultural background; he received his primary education from Arts and Science College of the government and did his B.Sc. from Coimbatore. RV Udhaya Kumar later joined the Madras Film University to earn a diploma in filmmaking and during his stay there he used to direct and produce films.

He is not only a director but has also acted in many movies. RV Udhaya Kumar started his career as an assistant director in flicks like ‘ Janani’, ‘Neram Vandhachu’, etc. In 1998, he made his directorial debut with ‘Urimai Geetham’, which is the story about the politician who becomes a CM and when the function is organized to celebrate his victory, he is assassinated, and the whole story revolves around finding the real assassinator. The movie received positive reviews from the critics and was loved by the audience.

From the success of his first flick, he came up with the second movie,”Puthiya Vaanam” which is the story based on the reincarnation of a police officer who gets killed. His son follows in the footsteps of his father and joins the police to find the killer of his father. The picture did a good business at the box office and received great response from the audience and the critics appreciated the storyline and the plot. He continued to direct movies including ‘Urudhi Mozhi’, ‘Chinna Gounder’, ‘Ejamaan’, ‘Ponnumani’, etc. In 1994, RV Udhaya Kumar released ‘ Rajakumaran’. The film could not do well at the box office, but the soundtrack created by Iaity Raja turned out to be a major hit.

As an actor, RV Udhaya Kumar was part of the cast of Chinna Gounder, Ejamaan, Pasanga 2, Prabhu Sattai, Anjali, etc. Chinna Gounder released in 1992 portrayed RV Udhaya Kumar in a different role where he played a soft-spoken village chief which was very different from the larger than life characters that he used to play in other pictures. The movie was a grand hit at the theater. RV Udhaya Kumar worked with Superstar ‘ Rajinikanth’ in the picture, “Ejamaan” and also worked with Kamal Hassan in ‘ Singaravelan’. He directed his last flick in 2005, “Karka Kasadara” and since then hasn’t directed any movies. He also wrote songs for many movies including ‘ Shree’, ‘Subash’, Ejamaan, etc.


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