An amazing poet, an actor and a dialogue writer from South India; Yes, I am talking about no one else , but a famous Chennai-based artist- Piraisoodan. Born on Feb 6-1956, in Nan Nolan, Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu, India; is currently 61 years old, a famous poet and an amazing lyricist. Piraisoodan started his career at the age of 24, in 1980 and passed many stages in his life to reach where he currently is- a recipient of the Tamil Nadu state film award for his beautiful works, including his mind-blowing lyrics for songs in movies like En Rasavin Thayagam (1991) and Thayagam (1996). Piraisoodan is a Hindu boy from South, whose name originated from the meaning of a name of a Tamil God- God Sivan.

His life exemplifies an incredible odyssey, and is known for his passion and determination. He presently lives in Nesapakkam, Chennai. A brother of 2 sisters and 7 brothers, including a famous Tamil Nadu film industry cinematographer- R. Madhi . Piraisoodan is a married man and a father of two kids, a daughter and KR Kevin, a son. He is a responsible family man, for whom family and relationships come first. This is the reason that he stayed away from the industry for a very long time. He rejoined his halted career on the continuous insistence by the music director Deva. He started to accept work from Deva family ( his close friends) only, once again proving that for him relationships came before money.

Soodan has written dialogues for many movies and beautiful lyrics for some famous songs. His works include song lyrics of Masani (Masani ), Riga Riga (Star), and other songs from movies like Captain Prabhakaran, Anna Peththa Rasa, etc. He has a famous Carnatic song lyrics to his credit- Jam Pughazum, which describes the life story of a music saint, namely Thyagaraja. Piraisoodan has written dialogues for Krodham 2 (2000), Sri Rama Rajyam (2011)- Tamil version, etc.; and acted in movies like Sathuranga Vettai (2014) and Pugazh (2016). Pirai gained a lot of fame because of Sathuranga Vettai. Pirai is an active member of an academy called Nadigar Sangam, which runs a trust for retired and controversial actors. {No. 16, Habibullah Road, T-Nagar, Chennai, 600017. (Phone no.+9144- 28342832)}.

Piaraisoodan is an amazing artist and has given us all even more amazing works to learn from. He life is an inspiration and he is an epitome of success combined with familial traits. He life teaches us all how we can mantain a perfect balance between work and our personal life. He is an artist and a person worth remembering. Contact info. Linked In: Pirai Soodan Facebook: PiraiSoodan Twitter: Piraisoodan B (@iam_Pirai). Active from past 2.5 years.


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