Other names of Chandran: Chandramouli P. Subramanian
Birthday: 05-09-1988
Age: 30
Star sign: Libra

Born on 5th September in Chennai, Chandran, is a Tollywood actor. Since a young age, Chandran was always interested in acting. However, he still did a postgraduate in Advertising so that he would have something to fall back on if he didn’t make it in the film industry. Chandran worked in the sales team in the radio station Surya FM 93.5.

However, he quit this job later on to pursue his acting career. He auditioned time and again for many roles and later got signed by a theater group called Inferno Productions. He went on to appear in many short films and videos. In 2014, he was signed for the movie Kayal as the lead. This movie was directed by the director Prabhu Solomon. Set in the backdrop of 2004, Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, this movie was a love story of a nomad traveler, and a very peculiar girl.

For the movie, Chandran had to prepare himself to act in muddy water and another tsunami like conditions. The movie was well liked by the audience receiving a rating of 6.4/10. In 2016, he will be featured in three more movies Graghanam, Faisal, and Ka.