Kevin is a Tamil Movie actor. He debuted in the Tamil cinema with the film, “ Enna Pidichirukka”. The movie released in March 2016. The movie is directed by ' Subburaj' and has Srividya Kalai as a music director. The lead role opposite Kevin is played by Preethi Vij. This was a small budget movie with a plot based on love and family enmity. In the movie, Kevin lives with his brother and his wife in a village. His brother being a reputed person in the village faces opposition from another man named Ravi Mariya, which leads to rivalry between the brothers of both. Preethi Vij plays the role of a U.S. returned girl visiting the village. Both Kevin and Preethi fall in love at first sight, but their union is resisted by the respective families because of the bad blood between the families. Though there isn’t any major performing role for Kevin in the film, he does well at the dance and the action scenes. The movie’s plot is weak and makes it a one-time watch for the audience.


M. G. Chakrapani
R N R Manohar
Udhayanidhi Stalin
Karthik Sivakumar