Periyar Dasan

Other names of Periyar Dasan: Seshachalam, Abdullah Periyar Dasan
Birthday: 21-08-1949
Date of death: 19-08-2013
Star sign: Virgo

An inspiring speaker, philosopher, and an actor Periyar Dasan was born as Seschalam on 21st August 1949 in Agaram Village of North Arcot, Tamil Nadu. He believed in rationalism and propagated such ideas to others. He is a Tamil scholar and his speeches are well known. He was born in a Shiavite family. He was very inspired by the teachings of Periyar E.V. Ramasamy who founded the Dravidian Movement. While he was in college, he changed his name to Periyar Dasan as a true follower of the Periyar. He mastered himself in Tamil literature and was a professor at his College, Pachaiyappa for 34 years. Meanwhile, he also wrote 120 books. Periyar Dasan in 1991 adapted Buddhism and added Siddhartha to his name as a prefix. He learned Sanskrit and Pali while he converted the Dhammapada by BR Ambedkar into Tamil.

On March 11, 2010, he adopted Islam and during his visit to Mecca he changed his name to Abdullah Periyar Dasan. Very carefully he learned and adapted the preaching’s of Islam by thoroughly studying Quran and the Arabic language for ten years. He stopped supporting atheism and started propagating Islam. Islam was his way of life since then. He has also served the political party MDMK at a senior post. He worked as a propaganda escritoire with Dravidar Kazhagam, corporate instructor psychiatric therapist, and a student counselor for many years. Periyar has appeared in many Tamil movies as well. 15 Tamil flicks are a part of his career. He debuted with Karuthamma where he played the character of Mokkaiyan and bagged the National Award for Best Actor. His last venture was Veeram. He passed away on 19th August 2013 after suffering from liver cancer leaving behind his wife Vasantha and two sons, Valavan and Suratha.


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