Alisha Chopra is a Tamil actress who must have gone sabbatical after acting in one movie with actor Arvee. So far, she worked in one Tamil movie’ Ennama Katha Uduranunga‘which was directed by Francis Raju and produced by Alex. She resembles Hindi TV actress Mouli Ganguly in her appearance. The actress is not fluent in Tamil. She made her entry in Kollywood with a Tamil film ' Ennama Katha Vudranunga.' The actress undoubtedly has best facial features and smile.

Her sharp features, elegant style, and her olive complexion leave actress Alisha Chopra with no need for any makeup. After this movie, we never got to see Alisha Chopra on the silver screen again. There’s always a category of movies "created" by only one actor. This actor Alisha Chopra performs in such a way that you cannot keep your eyes off the screen. Sometimes such movies and performance make you awestruck and remain in the memory of public – much longer than those with million budget movie and lots of other celebrities. Alisha Chopra was lucky to get the right role in her first movie.

It’s a real thriller and it keeps the audiences too on their toes from the very beginning. The film ‘Ennama Katha Vudranuga’ received rave reviews. The title kept coming to mind for the audience. It was an Alex Creations Productions. The actress did some song-dance sequences. She played the role of a TV presenter in this movie. She played a journalist and researcher with a team of three more journalists whether there is a ghost or not.

It included a solo song and promo song with 35 artists which she liked very much. The actress is too loyal to her crew and she felt that everyone’s support had made the movie to receive a lot of applause from viewers. She came for an audition, liked the story and even the director told her that she is apt for the role. She felt that acting was not a tough job and lived in a comfort zone of acting. The director felt that only good looking women were ideal for 'Aaavin' and chose her. The film received "U" certificate which was a real bonanza for the filmmaker as a horror film is given either 'UA' or 'A' certificate.