Sheela is an Indian actress who has acted in various regional language films like Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu films. She has been a part of most Tamil films, and that is where her career began. She has acted as a child actor in over 20 Tamil films and made her debut in the industry with the movie Ilavatam in 2006 in which she plays the lead role of a young girl who is the love interest of Navdeep. The movie was originally in Telugu by the name of Seethakoka Chiluka and has been dubbed into Tamil. She then appeared in various Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films in the following year. She has delivered excellent performances and is most remembered for them in the movies Nandha, Veerasamy and Mayabazar, in which she played the lead role of a charming girl who loves Rameshan, but he didn’t love her back and marked her debut in Malayalam film industry. She has done well till now and has become a common name but has been seen in mostly insignificant roles. She is making herself ready to become a big time, a popular heroine in Tamil films. Once she has established herself in one industry, it will be extremely easy to expand to others. She is a very ambitious and extremely hardworking actress. She changed her name to Maya for Malayalam movies, probably inspired by her first role where she played a character with the same name in this industry. Her most recent releases have been Make Up Man and Thanthonni. She was unwilling to expose a lot for films until last year, but when she saw that it was hampering her growth and disrupting the number of offers that come to her, she decided to change her decision and not let any obstacle come in her road to success.


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