Indian- born Sinduja is an actress in the entertainment industry. She hails from the state of Tamil Nadu. Sindhuja began a career as a singer, before considering an acting role. She makes entry into her career as an actress in the movie titled “ Pelli Pustakam,” whose release occurs on 1st April 1991.”Pelli Pustakam” is a film centered on romance and makes waves in the entertainment industry.

“Pelli Pustakam,” is written through the efforts of Venkata Ramana Mullapoodi and Raavi Kondala Rao. Her experience increases as she performs with actors like Sakshi Ranga Rao, Subhalekha Sudhakar, and Ashok Rao. Director Bapu plays a vital role in the success of this blockbuster. She later performs in the film titled” Appula Appa Rao,” whose release takes place in 1991.” Appula Appa Rao,” is a comedy that occurs in the Telugu Language. Sindhuja performs under the supervision of Director Satyanarayana, whose experience in the entertainment milieu, ensures that “Appula Appa Rao” receives the admiration of the viewers. This movie helps her to gain exposure as she meets with prominent actors of the cinema industry. In “Appula Appa Rao,” Sindhuja acts alongside actors like Babu Mohan, Tanikella Bharani, and Shobana. Producer Suresh’s role remains important to the success of this blockbuster. Nagendra and Rajan provide the music for this great work of art.

She continues her career in the entertainment industry after her debut in “Appula Appa Rao.” The movie,” Sundaram Kandam” was released in 1992, and Sinduja accepts the task of an actress in collaboration with prominent actors like Junior Balaiya and Bhagyaraja. The film’s supervision is by Bhagyaraja, who performs in the cast of” Sundaram Kandam” in a lead role. Bhanupriya also features alongside Sindhuja. In 1993, Sindhuja performed for her first time in a film acted in the Malayalam Language. This movie is known as “Kavadiyattam” and its supervision is by Aniyan, whose talent is worth noting. Mohan Sitara contributes significantly to “Kavadiyattam” by providing music for this blockbuster. Sindhuja is opportune to act with prominent actors such as Jagathi Sreekumar, Khrishnan Kutty Nair, and Bapu Nampoothiri. Kalpana and Suchitra also participate as actresses.

Charlie Chaplin” her next movie in which she demonstrates her talent as an actress, is released in 1999.Sindhuja plays a lead role in association with actors like Harisree Asokan, Premkumar, and Jagathi Sreekumar. Director P.K Radhakhrishnan ensures the success of this film.