U. R. Jeevarathinam

Other names of U. R. Jeevarathinam: Jeevarathnam
Birthday: 1927
Date of death: 26-07-2000

Jeevarathinam is a popular Tamil actor, a producer, a singer, and a playback singer. Jeevarathinam was born in British India at Madras Presidency in Unjalur. Her parents were Kunjammaal and Subramanian. Right from her school days, she loved music and has an interest in music. She sang very well.

Jeevarathinam, at the age of nine, joined a Krishna Drama Company with the help of K.S. Angamuthu. He was a famous comedian in the Tamil industry. She used to learn music under the guardianship of Kunnakkudi Venkatrama Iyer and Kailasa Bhagavathar. Jeevarathinam was a keen observer. She used to watch others actions very minutely so that she can learn from them.

Her career life started as an artist in Salem Modern Theatres. In 1937, when she was just ten she had her debut in the film Sathi Ahalya with the help of Modern Theatres. She portrayed herself as the beautiful woman from the heaven. She also had her other movies. In 1941, Jeevarathinam got an offer for a lead ingénue in Bhaktha Gowri. She had been a famous singer. The song Theruvil varaandi was evidence to her euphonious voice. Jeevarathinam Theruvil varaandi became a super hit song.

Jeevarathinam came up in many photoplays. She acted in 'Devakanya', 'Poompavai', 'Bhojan' and 'Abhimanyu'. Later, she presented herself in Kannagi as Kaunthi Adigal. She received awards with the tag of Isai Kuyil, which meant Nightingale of Music. At Thiruvarur, Swai Dhinakar awarded her on the 100th day function of Kannagi. She starred in many Modern Theatres productions. She started a film production company after her marriage known by Mercury Films. However, the production house could not earn much profit. Their first production was in 1954. It was not a super hit. Then the second one was Vaazhvile Oru Naal in 1956. They starred Garikapati Varalakshmi and Sivaji Ganesan. Their third attempt based on an assumption that they could recover from their incurred losses. However, it was not so. The production house went into huge loss.

Jeevarathinam was a dulcet playback singer. She sang in 'Kannagi' for N. S. Saroja and in Vaazhvile Oru Naal for G. Varalakshmi.

Coming to her personal life, she got married to T. S. Venkataswami. He was the manager of Central Studios. She left acting in films. She actively participated in stage dramas. Both of them have four daughters, four granddaughters, one son and two grandsons. Her beloved died on 7 April 1971. She also lost her life on 26 July 2000 in Manaveli, Chennai. Vetrivel, son of Jeevarathinam and his wife, has decided to write a book on Jeevarathinam.


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