Birthday: 09-04-1942
Date of death: 19-05-2007
Star sign: Taurus

Lakshminarayana ​Vaidyanathan normally known as L.Vaidyanathan was a proficient music director, composer, and musicologist in Tamil and Kannada film industry. He was born in 1942 on April 9th. Before coming into the movie field, L. Vaidyanathan was a traditionally trained carnatic vocalist. He was married to Chenjulakshmi and was wonderfully blessed with two sons. Kannadigas who love his music have a huge respect towards him.

Before becoming a music composer, he worked under the legendary music director G. K. Venkatesh as an assistant music director.L. Vaidyanathan was the older brother of the leading duo L. Shankar, L. Subramaniam and the three had played at many musical concerts in early days. His very own father, V. Lakshminarayana Iyer was his music teacher. Vaidyanathan had given his debut music in 1977 for the movie “Hemavathi” which received applause from the music lovers. During his journey as a musicologist, L. Vaidyanathan had composed music for almost one fifty movies in both Kannada and Tamil but especially in Kannada. He recorded music for the movie “Pesum Padam” starred Kamal Hassan which was a silent film with no dialogues where background music had a very important role.

Among his other noteworthy pictures include “ Ezhavathu Manithan” directed by the eminent filmmaker Hariharan which brought actor Raghuvaran to the movie industry. L. Vaidyanathan had given amazing tunes for the songs written by the lyricist Bharatiyar and made them even more melodious. In Tamil, he scored tunes for the pictures “Dasaratham” and “ Marupakkam” which are his remarked works there. Not only for the motion pictures, but L. Vaidyanathan had also arranged music for the series “Malgudi days” a book written by R. K. Narayan and directed by Shanker Nag that used to air in Doordharshan. The title track he gave for the serial, “Thaana na nana” was the famous haunting music which is still nostalgic to many. For almost thirty years, L. Vaidyanathan had lived with music in the film industry. Later on, he slowly experimented with different sounds and produced music out of it..

L. Vaidyanathan had decided to do fusion and mixed up western and classical Indian genres and created perfectly balanced tunes which were instantly hit all over the world. Collaborating with well-known music director C. Aswath, L. Vaidyanathan had released many well-known songs. He has a special knack with the music instruments and can easily handle any instrument with ease. For his exceptional music, L. Vaidyanathan had been awarded the prestigious Kalaimamani award in 2003. At the age of sixty-five, L. Vaidyanathan had left us on May 19th in 2007. His ceremony was attended by so many legendary and veteran artists, famous personalities and music directors.