T S S Mani is a Tamil News Reader. He is an outstanding news reader and is very fluent and clear. He speaks Tamil excellently and is a very popular speaker. His accent is very clear and his speaking skills are also noticeable. T S S Mani is from Tirunelveli and now he lives in Chennai, India. He was born in Tirunelveli but later he shifted to Chennai, India. T S S Mani completed his education from M.D.T Hindu H.R SEC. School and he completed his graduation from MDT Hindu College Pettai Tirunelveli, where he did B.Sc. Physics. He really loved to study. He was good at studies as well. He did well in his school and in college as well. After completing his graduation he practiced Journalism and became a very famous journalist. He did well in journalism field as well.

He practised journalism and served the public as a journalist at Win TV HD. He proved himself as an outstanding journalist and slowly and gradually he became a famous personality. T S S Mani also conducts a program on Thanthi TV which is one of the amazing shows of the channel. People really appreciate his performance and like the way he hosts the show. He is a very confident individual and has all the skills and qualities to be a news reader. He started conducting the show on Thanthi TV from 2012 and still continues to host it. In 2003, he started working at WIN TV HD and left the job in 2012 and then in 2012 he joined Thanthi TV. T S S Mani has leadership qualities and he has proved himself to be a very good journalist.

The way he conducts the show on Thanthi TV is appreciable as he is not a person from the same field and he did not studied Journalism. His keen interest in Journalism took him here and made him earn so much of name and fame in life. He had completed his graduation with B.Sc. Physics and then he somehow got into the field and he learnt a lot about this field while he was working with WIN TV HD and became a successful journalist. This was the time when people started recognising him started liking him as a good speaker and journalist as well. T S S Mani is still working with Thanthi TV and audience appreciate his performance much and he is known for his amazing work and he will continue doing this all throughout.


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