Uma Ramanan is an Indian playback singer, dancer, and live stage show performer who has sung primarily in Tamil music industry. In 35 years long career in music, she has performed in 6000 concerts. Uma completed her training in classical music under Pazhani Vijaylaksmi. During her college days, she participated in numerous inter-college competitions. She won numerous awards and rewards in those competitions. She has also acquired training under Padma Subrahmanyam, a renowned dancer. In the following years, she met A.V Ramanan. He was a television anchor, actor, and performer. At that time he was searching for fresh talented singers for his stage shows and concerts. They both collaborated and became partners on stage. They got married and have a son who is an aspiring musician. During their collaborative days, well-known cameraman Janakiraman approached them with an offer to sing a duet in his Hindi film Play Boy (1976). Later, they were offered to sing a duet in a Tamil film Shree Krishna Leela (1977), which was directed by A.P. Nagaranjan and was one of the last projects of composer S.V Venkatraman. In 1980, she lent her voice for her husband A.V. Ramanan compositions for the film Neerottam.

She received fame and appreciation from the song “Poongathave Thaal Thirave” she sang for the movie Nizhalgal composed by composer Maestro Ilayaraja. After achieving success with Illayaraja, she went on to record more than a hundred songs with him. Some of the songs she sang for Ilayaraja include Aasain Raja Aariroe (1980), Aanada Raagam (1981), Manjal Veyyil (1981), Amudhae Tamhizhae (1981), Vaanamae Mazhai Maegamae (1981), Daaham Edukira Naeram (1881), Palli Araikul (1981), Bhoopalam Isaikkum (1982), Sevandhi Pookalil (1983), Sevvaralli Thotathilae (1983), Aaathadi Adhisayam (1983), Kasthuri Maane (1984), Kaadhil Kaethadu Oru Paatu (1984), Kanmani Nee Vara (1985), Ponn Maanae (1985), Yaar Thoorigai (1986), Yaar Thoorigai (1986), Nee Pathi Naan Pathi Kanne (1990), Aagaya Vennilave (1990), Unnaa Partha Nerathula (1990), Maegham Karukkayile (1990), Ooradangu, Samathile (1994), Nil Nil Nil Badhil Sol (1995) and Velli Nilave (1995). She then worked with renowned music directors like Vidyadsagar, Deva, and Mani Sharma. She is considered as one of the best-discovered talents by maestro Ilayaraja. The songs she sang for composer Deva include Pothum Eduththa Jenmamae (1995), Yaro Azhaitadu (1997), and Edhu Enna (2005) while the songs she sang for music director Vidyasagar are Vaa Sagi vaa Sagi (1997), and Ochamma Ochamma (1997).