Dakshina Moorthy is a producer and distributor in the Tamil music industry. He is in the cinema industry right from 1990. He was born and brought up in Kombai, a small village near Theni. His career started as a sales representative in a company named Ananda Cassettes and he sold music cassettes in a door delivery method. He is the pioneer of bringing the Tamil debates through the electronic media. His first debate release cassette was “Indraya Vaazhvukku Vazhikaati Ramayanama Mahabharathama”. This was the first Tamil debate that was recorded in the cassette form. He proudly says, he was the first one who introduced it worldwide. Karnan Kutravaaliya Dharman Kutravaaliya is one of his popular debate releases.

In the year 1995, he joined in a popular channel called Plus Channel as the representative of Tamilnadu to distribute the audio. He is the one who introduced the popular playback singer Unni Menon to sing devotional songs. After the devotional hit, Unni Menon got chances to sing in Cinemas. Dakshina Moorthy is not only a distributor cum producer of the audio cassettes and CDs; but he is also a lyricist. He has penned nearly 40 devotional songs. He also got an honorary award in Thiruthani temple, called Sindhai Vijayan for penning the lyrics about the lord Thiruthani Murugan. Dakshina Moorthy is married in the year 1995. His wife is the granddaughter of Swami Thirumuruga Kirubanandha Wariyar, who was the great devotee of Lord Muruga.

Dakshina Moorthy has also worked in the popular music company Pyramid Sai Meera International, as a General Manager. Dakshina Moorthy started a new music company in the year 2003. The company’s name is Bravo Entertainment. He has the copy rights for more than 700 movies. He also got the digital rights for his movies. His company distributes the Indian films to foreign countries. He provides support to many actors and music directors who want to start the audio company. Many people like actor cum director Parthiban and Cheran have got benefitted by Dakshina Moorthy. He wants to be genuine in his business. He is yet to start an educational project with his own software.