Rj GiriGiri


He works at a South Indian radio channel in the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. 97.2 Big FM is the name of this channel. It could be enjoyed by tuning your respective radios to 92.7 Frequency. He does a show on this network with the name of Tea Kada Bench. The phrase Tea Kada could signify something regular or ordinary in the South Indian language of the state of Tamil Nadu, Tamil. He has given a two-hour period from eight to ten in the early morning.

A lot of the radio audiences tune into their favourite radio stations in the morning. His time slot is placed very strategically. He has a booming voice and is full of energy. Starting in the morning, he pours out energy to ignite everybody’s day with his vibrant commentary. His choice of music throughout the show is very entertaining and has a soothing effect. He is available on networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter too. His page on Facebook named RJ GiriGiri receives loads of likes and views every day. A photo flaunting his Radio Jockey headphones adorns this page on Facebook. He is involved in a lot of social work too. He participated and also promoted a clean-up drive in his city of work, Chennai.

This Clean up drive was held for removing the garbage from the coastal areas. It was sponsored by an organisation called Chennai Trekking Club. Also, his radio station conducts competitions and other similar events to raise awareness among the children of today’s generation. They recently held a drawing competitive event with the topic, ‘Save Water’, in the famous Loyola School of Chennai. Radio Jockey RJ Balaji is one of his colleagues in Big FM.

He was found preparing for an event named Kurkure Family Express quite recently. As a Radio Jockey, he has to interview any famous personalities on his morning show. These celebrities come on the radio in an advent of promoting their new motion pictures. A very recent example is the visit of Marudhu movie’s cast and crew on his show. They had a fun and engaging time. A singer with the name of D. Imman has sung a song in the motion picture called Marudhu. He specially sang the song live on radio for the sake of the show’s lovers. Singers like SowmyaRamani Mahadevan have also adorned his show with their talent of singing.



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