Rj Vani


Vani is an Indian Radio Jockey and works in the Madurai outlet of Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. The network is known with the reference of its tagline – “Radio Mirchi – It’s Hot.” It is a private chain of radio channels which is run successfully all over India. It is owned by ENIL (Entertainment Network India Ltd) which is also a part of The Times Group. It is known for training the best RJs of the country and Vani is one of their popular finds. She jockeys in the Tamil language and her channel can be accessed in the Tamil Nadu radio. RJ Vani loves watching movies and is a huge film fanatic. One of her favorite movies is ‘I’ as she loves the fresh concept and the mental and physical strength portrayed by the protagonists of the film.

Her most favorite songs amongst the pool of her liked ones are Merasalayitaen and Ungaluku Pidichadhu Dha. Being a fan of Tamil Cinema, she has a long list of favorite actors. Some of them are ‘Aarya’ in ‘Kalabakkadhala’, ‘ Vijay’ in ‘ Priyamanavalae’, Ajith Kumar in ‘ Aasai’, Prashanth in ‘ Jeans’, Surya Sivakumar in Jillunu Oru Kadhal amongst many others. The movies that she loves the most are the ones which include a plot around college life as that reminds her of her college days. Apart from enjoying movies and numerous entertainment platforms, she loves reading newspapers and keeping herself updated with the important events of the world. Her mantra in life is to simply “Live the life to the fullest.”

The famous RJ belonging to the fiery Aries zodiac and is very simple in personal life and loves wearing traditional and ethnic wear. She also has an eye for western “Kiliyadha” jeans. Being a self-confessed lover of food, she happily eats almost anything except tomatoes which she particularly dislikes. In her professional life, she tries in-cooperate a unique RJ-ing style in her job as jockeying is not merely an occupation but her passion. Vani is known for her morning show – Breakfast Show of Beauty and Brains which covers all the trending topics of the day all across the world.

It is also known as Namaskara Kalburgi and is popular for its current affairs. It airs from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. Following the show, airs another show by RJ Vani. Rewind Raagam airs from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and is attributed as one of the best musical shows, as it takes its listeners on a musical journey of all over India. On Sunday evenings, fans of RJ Vani can tune into her show Mirchi Bhavan where she talks about popular food joints and numerous new dishes. Being a foodie, she loves hosting this show.



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