Birthday: 1957

Ananth Vaidyanathan, born in Jamshedpur in the year 1957, is a voice expert in India. He is a part of many music shows which include Josco Indian Voice which was telecast on Mazhavil Manorama channel and Airtel Super Singer, etc. In these shows, he gives vocal training to the contestants. At a very young age, Ananth Vaidyanathan started studying music. He learned his first songs from his father who is an untrained singer. At the age of seven, Ananth started learning music and became a student of T.M. Thiagarajan and Sangita Kalanidhi. He got his undergraduate degree in economics from Loyola College, Chennai. After doing MBA from Xavier School of Management (XLRI), he joined ITC Sangeet Research Academy, a musical school in Kolkata but because of some errors in methods of training his voice got damaged.

Although, in 1980’s, he lost his voice but was able to regain it with the help of a teacher in ITC Sangeet Academy named Sunil Bose and Peter Calatin who is from Ireland. After long 12 years, in 1993, he sang again with the help of Peter Calatin and late Sunil Bose. He started teaching music in the year 2003 and in 2007, he started giving vocal training to contestants in many TV shows in India. He has also done a Tamil movie named Avan Ivan. Ananth Vaidyanathan is also known as a man on a mission, who is so passionate about music. He has a knowledge of many Carnatic and Hindustani ragas. His appearance and way of styling resembles those of magician or godman with a long, straight, colored hair, bright kurta suits, and colorful jewelry.

He has the thinking that everyone is born singer. According to him, a musical voice is everyone’s birthright. In India, he is one of the leading voice experts. Be that as it may, Ananth Vaidyanathan’s biggest achievement is that he has improved the voices of many young singers on TV shows. The parents of those young singers acknowledge this publicly and state that Ananth not only improved their voice but focused on their overall development as a person. He is an expert in music and can easily diagnose the main voice problem and can offer effective remedies to correct it. He believes that a person with a good voice H must have self-belief and confidence. He possesses all these qualities in him.

He is energetic, lively and vocal in conversation and is obsessive about his mission in life. Although he is a good listener he can give you the best honest responses. In 1980’s, when he had issues with his voice, he worked as a concert organizer in ITC. His Gurus and also the favorite singers include K.S. Chitra, Kishori Amonkar, Parveen Sultana, K.G. Ginde, M.S. Subbulakshmi, M.L. Vasanthakumari and S.P. Balasubramaniam. Ananth Vaidyanathan is the champion of Carnatic music and gave training to many singers. Many leading vocalists admire his training methods and appreciate him. Although, Ananth had many ups and downs in life, now he is successful and showed the right path to many of the singers.

In 2018, Ananth was the 7th contestant who entered the second edition of the Bigg Boss Tamil. He was nominated to evict during the first and second week.