Vicky Krish

Other names of Vicky Krish: Vicky


Vicky is a famous actor in the Tamil television industry. He is a young artist, who proved himself playing many different kinds of roles and is liked by fans of all genres. He is very choosy in selecting his characters and plays only those characters which suit him. He has mentioned in an interview that, he is thankful to all those who believed in the actor in him and encouraged him to get into the television media.

Vicky acted in the serial “Ponniyin Selvan” as the lover of Jyothi. This was a popular serial, and his role became immensely popular among the audience. Vicky used this opportunity to attract a huge fan following and many directors saw him as a potential star and handed him great opportunities.

He acted in a serial titled “Merkum Maambalathil Kaathal” in which he was critically acclaimed for his role. Vicky’s much-needed break came through the serial “VaniRani”, in which he played the character of “ Gowtham”. This character was an important one in the serial and Vicky played the character with all his potential and received accolades from all over. He also bagged a few awards for his role in the serial as Gowtham.

He many-a-times quoted saying “I have always looked up to my seniors and try to improve my acting with every increasing day”. This attitude of his was responsible for the position where he has reached now. We wish all his Hard work and Commitment pays off and hope he reaches many more heights in his field.