Birthday: 1989
Bharati is a popular actress from Tamil Nadu, who acted in number of famous movies and television serials. She established herself as a beautiful actress, who acts brilliantly. She took challenging roles, instead of coming and dancing for songs, acting second fiddle to heroes. As a result, she got a great reception from people and she is a star today.

Bharathi, born in 1989, wanted to be an actress from a very young age. She practiced well and took the baby steps to appear in front of the camera. She improved on her acting, dialogue delivery, did lot of homework to do her characters perfectly. Her work in movies such as Yuga, Ammuvaagiya naan was well appreciated by general public and critics.

Bharathi didn’t get further movie chances. She acted in few movies, but they didn't succeed. So, she decided to get married. It was a love marriage. She went away from the media to set up a family. She had a baby son and took care of him.

Bharathi returned to media with a bang ,when she entered the television field with a teleserial named “ Rudram” in Jaya TV. She acted as a bold journalist in this serial, which fit her personality very well. She understood the character and the values it represents. She acted with the right emotions and that has made her a popular star all over Tamil Nadu, especially among young women who consider her to be a role model in their lives. Bharathi today enjoys working on television serials as she can take care of her family and express herself better in these roles making a great impression among young people, especially girls and women.