Vandhana is a famous actress from the Tamil television actress. She is known for her acting skills as well as her dancing skills. Her wonderful performance in the popular television program “Boys Vs Girls” got the accolades of fans as well as exposure for this young dancer, which gave her a great fame in the television media.

Vandhana entered the media wanting to be a good actress. She got number of chances to prove her right and her biggest break was the famous “ Thangam” serial where she acted in a villainous character. She acted as a person who is trying to break another family and naturally, she got so many hate messages because of that. But she mentioned in an interview that she considers those messages as a reward for her acting, because this won’t happen if she doesn’t do a good job as the bad person in that serial. Similarly her role in the serial “Maamiyaar Thevai” is also well received and appreciated. She also did a great role in the serial “ Sathileelavathi” which got her number of awards.

Vandhana’s best performance was presented when she participated in the dance program “Boys Vs Girls”. That’s where she met her future husband Michael, who is also a great dancer. They fell in love and decided to get married. Today they both are living happily, while Vandhana continues to act in great roles getting a huge fan following, because of her exceptional performance in various television serials. She says she carefully choses her roles as she doesn’t want to play similar characters, instead she wants to show her performance in different kinds of roles and prove herself as a great actress.


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