Rajesh Touchriver

Rajesh Touchriver was born at Idukki, Kerala to a Malayali family. Originally named as M. S. Rajesh by his parents, he changed his name as Rajesh Touchriver after he started his journey in the film industry. With the zeal to pursue his career in movies, Rajesh had worked for the National School of Drama at Delhi as a designer in 1995.

Within three years, Rajesh Touchriver had made almost thirty plays in English, Telugu and, in his mother tongue Malayalam. His enthusiasm to understand more about pictures and the key working skill sets, Rajesh Touchriver completed his Masters in Visual language from the Wimbledon College of Arts in London.

This started his life as a movie maker. In 2002, Rajesh Touchriver had released his debut film “In the Name of Budha” based upon the real life incidents happened in Sri Lanka due to ethnic wars. This movie was showcased in the Oslo International film festival and was also heartily welcomed by various film festivals internationally and won best film award at Beverly Hills, New Port and Wine Country film festivals. Rajesh Touchriver had received positive reviews even from the toughest critics stating that the movie plot is so sensitive yet directed so wonderfully.

In the following years till 2013 Rajesh Touchriver had made almost five movies which were either thrillers or sensitive issues and every movie had captivated the audience and the critics. It is the film “Naa Bangaru Thalli” released in 2013 that has shown how adept, skilled and efficient Rajesh Touchriver is. This motion picture had brought him several awards nationally and internationally. This movie had received the best feature film award at the most prestigious Trinity international film festival held in Michigan, America in 2013. It is a proud moment because; such recognition has been given to an Indian film after twenty years. In an interview, Rajesh Touchriver had confessed that the storyline for “Naa Bangaru Thalli” was born from the stories he used to hear from his beloved wife Sunitha Krishnan who saved so many innocent girls from sex and drug trafficking.

Rajesh Touchriver has an experience with the similar story when he made a documentary with the title “ Anamika” long ago. Through this picture, he wanted to send a message to the people about how pathetic lives are for few girls.Rajesh Touchriver had to mortgage his house to fund this picture as no producer had dared to support this movie, he shares. “Naa Bangaru Thalli” had won fourteen international awards and had been officially selected for twelve other international film festivals. Not only pictures, Rajesh had directed many documentaries, short films, few advertisements and music videos too. Whatever he does, there would be a meticulous focus on each and every detail and handles subtle, sensitive emotions with so much adroitness.


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