Ashok Bandreddi is an actor as well as an assistant director who works in the Indian film industry. His work predominantly lies in the Telugu movie industry. He is popular for his acting in movies which include 1-Nenokkadine, Darsakudu, and 100% Love.

He was a part of 100% love as the Second Unit Director or the Assistant Director. This movie released in the year 2011. 100% Love is a romantic drama movie with Naga Chaitanya and Tammana as the male and female lead respectively. The movie also fetched the Nandi Award for Akkineni Award for being the best home viewing feature film.

After this, Ashok also worked as the assistant director for the project called 1- Nenokkadine which hit the theatres in 2014. 1- Nenokkadine is the story of a rock star played by Mahesh Babu and has Kriti Sanon as the female lead. The movie had high expectations but didn't do much at the box office.

In 2016, Ashok Nadreddi was part of the release Control C. It is a horror film or what is known as a software thriller or a techno-thriller which deals with the story of two employees in the world trade center who survive the 9/11 attack and subsequently shift to India. During his childhood days, his father never encouraged him to grow up and become a hero in the cinema and movie business.

It was just a matter of coincidence and observation that he landed up with a role in Darsakudu. While undergoing the project Nenokkadine, the director of Darsakudu, Hari Prasad Jakka’s keen observation skills caught sight of Ashok Bandreddi, sitting in between the shots, lost in a world of his own. He used to sit like a lost person, while the rest of the cast and crew were engaged in discussions over the script and the shots.

A man lost in the whims and fancies of his world happened to precisely be the character Hari Prasad needed for his next film, and Ashok got the lead role. The 2017 release portrayed Ashok in the role of a director who is very passionate about his work and craft.

He is so immensely obsessed with the work that he includes in his conversations with his real-life love in the script. It is a different kind of a story and although complicated to explain, is easily relatable when portrayed on screen.


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