Kote Prabhakar is a Telugu movie actor. He started working in the Telugu Film Industry in 1995. He had two releases in the year which gave a kick start to his career but were unable to be the best debut movies. These flicks were Om and Operation Andha. Now, he has been in the Telugu movies for about 21 years with 67 movies to his credit.

Some of his popular flicks are Yuva Samrat, Mandya to Mumbai and Jackson. Jackson is one of his recent hits which came out in 2015. Om in 1995 and Verappa Nayaka in 1999 were his breakthrough movies which got the audiences as well as critics to notice him. These movies play a major role in enabling him to be at a position that he is currently in the industry. After Om and Operation Andha in 1995, he took a two-year break to come out with three movies in 1997. These films were Zindabad, Hai Bangalore and Akka. After this period, he gave about three to four flicks every year. Marikannu Horimyage,

Baro Nanna Muddina Krishna and A were released in 1998. ‘A’ amongst these movies was critically acclaimed and appreciated by all. In 1999, he had five films added to his line of work. Z, Vishwa, Verappa Nayka, Mr. X and AK 47 were included in his 1999 big screen releases. He topped with six movies in 2000. These movies were Yarige Salutthe Sambala, Sulthan, Shabdavedhi, Naxalite and Khadga. Films in 2001 decreased to two and included Asura and Huchha. Followed by Love U and Law and Order in 2002. In 2003, Gokarna and Vijayasimha and Katthegalu Saar Kathegalu were opened at the box office. Mourya and Kalaspalya came out in 2004. In 2005, he got four flicks, Deadly Soma, Shastry, Rakshasa and Ayya. This unstoppable release of back to back movie continued till 2016, to ensure the success and fame Prahakar has reached today.

In 2016, he came out with only one movie named Sri Sathyanarayana which was maybe a break from his four back to back movies in 2015. These flicks were Jackson, Mahakali, Mr. Airavatha and Ganga, out of which Jackson was a blockbuster. In 2014, his five films did not break any records. These included Najara, Simhadri, Shivajinagara, Namo Bhoothathma and Huccha Venkat.



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