Paarthi is a Tamil movie actor as well as director. People remember him best for his work in the motion picture titled Vingyani. Paarthi is just his screen name. His real name is Doctor Parthiban Srinivasan. Paarthi was a scientist before he started appearing in motion pictures. He used to work as a scientist in NASA, which is National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

However, his love for movies made him leave his work at NASA and make his very first film with the name of Vingyani. The movie got made in the local language of Tamil Nadu and thus, is a Kollywood film. He worked as the director of this movie and acted in the motion picture himself too. Vingyani was a scientific thriller. The lead actress of the film was Meera Jasmine. She looked stunning in the movie alongside Paarthi. She is seen sporting a saree throughout the motion picture. Paarthi did work on the screenplay too along with Vidhyadharan. R.K. Vidhyadharan also engaged with the supervision of the direction and dialogues.

An individual named Arvind Kamalanathan worked on the cinematography. Along with acting in the movie and also directing it, talented actor Paarthi also worked as the film’s producer. Some actors who acted in Vingyani besides Paarthi and Meera Jasmine were Vivek Suresh Nair, Sanjana Singh, Thalaivaasal Vijay and Mayil Samy. The story of Vingyani revolves around an unmarried scientist. He is made to marry deceitfully, and his whole life changes due to that fact. We can draw parallels from the movie to Paarthi’s real life.

He was a scientist before he did Vingyani so the motion picture could contain bits and pieces of his true life experiences too. His knowledge of science is very conspicuous throughout the film. As he was a scientist in actual living too, it must have been comparatively easy for him to act in Vingyani. It contains elements of thrill and also delicate emotions such as love and compassion. The songs in the movie are very captivating too. Un Paarvai Aruginil is a melodious song from Vingyani, which was liked by the audiences.

The singers of this beautiful song were Chinmayi and Karthik. Bhoom Bhoom Mama was another fun song, which got sung by the renowned and talented singer Shankar Mahadevan along with female singers Deepika and Suchitra. Paarthi’s love and passion were very clear in the making of the song X- Chromosome, Y- Chromosome. Sunita Sarathy and Ranjith were the singers of this particular song.


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