Other names of Prathyusha: Pratyusha
Birthday: 29-08-1981
Date of death: 23-02-2002
Star sign: Virgo

Prathyusha was an Indian actress. She appeared in Telugu and Tamil films. She was born in Bhuvanagiri, Telangana. Since her dad passed away when she was young, Prathyusha decided to pop out an acting career at a very tender age. She entered the film industry at the age of 17. Her mother was a government school teacher. She did films like Samudram, Manuneedhi, Edhi Emi Uru Raa Babu, Super Kudumbam, Snehamante Idera, Ponnanna Neram, Thavasi, Kadal Pookkal, and Kalusukovalani.

She committed suicide on 23rd February, 2002, and passed away. Prathyusha was in a relationship with her childhood love, Siddhartha Reddy. The two of them decided to commit suicide, because Siddhartha’s family were not in favour of their marriage. They drank poison mixed with Coca–Cola. After which, Prathyusha died, and her boyfriend survived. Prathyusha’s mother, Sarojini Devi, accused Siddhartha’s family of her daughter’s demise. Prathyusha’s last release was ‘ Sound Party’, post her death, in the year 2004.

Another Version of this Bio...

Born to a middle-class family in Bhuvanagiri (Telangana), Pratyusha was always interested in the glitz and glamor of the film industry. She entered the industry at the tender age of 17 to help financially support her family, after her father’s early demise. She was a rising star in the Tamil and Telugu movie industry.

From these humble beginnings, Prathyusha began her career with films like Rayudu, where she played the famous Mohan Babu’s daughter, Samudram, Kadal Pookal, Snehamante Idera, Kalusukovalani, and Thavasi, among others.

Unfortunately, things were not to remain hunky-dory for very long. On 23rd February, 2002, Prathyusha died. Initially, this was seen as a suicide pact between her and her boyfriend, Siddhartha Reddy, supposedly because their families rejected the idea of their marriage. While Pratyusha died at Care Hospital during treatment, Siddhartha survived. The case immediately caught the attention of the media and the public. Issues arose due to the fact that the case was a medico-legal one, and the hospital authorities did not inform the police after they were admitted. Forensic experts from Gandhi Hospital were asked to make a report on the issue, and they had concluded that the case was one of strangulation. There were also signs of sexual abuse.

Things grew murkier when the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was called in on the case. The CBI reported that the two of them had attempted to commit suicide by mixing pesticide in Coca-Cola and drinking it together. Following this, Reddy changed his mind and took Prathyusha to a hospital, where the two of them had sought treatment. The CBI report steered entirely clear of any of the controversy surrounding the issue. Reddy has now been sentenced to two years of imprisonment and a fine by the High Court of Andhra Pradesh.

In 2004, her last and much-delayed film, Sound Party, released, which received a lukewarm response. Following her death, her mother started a charity in her name.


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