Samyukta Hornad

Other names of Samyukta Hornad: Samyukta
Birthday: 23-05
Star sign:
Films made in the four major South Indian languages have much in common by way of production locations, technicians as well as other behind the screen facilities and functions. Sometimes there are also “on screen” synergies by way of multilingual movies made simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. This has given rise to a group of multi lingual stars who are equally adept in any of these languages. Apart from the multi-lingual versions, they also take part in single language versions even in those languages which are not their own native tongues.
Samyukta is one such versatile actress from the south, who though basically from Karnataka has worked in movies in all the South Indian languages, and not just for the sake of records, but has received accolades for her acting in all the different languages. Like the more famous Smita Patil, she also started her career as a TV anchor on Kannada TV, and then slowly worked her way up into movies. Her full name of course is Samyukta Hornad, though she prefers to drop her title in movie castings. What has characterised her roles in movies is that they not only received critical appreciation, but at the same time were hits at the box office, starting right from her first screen appearance in “Lifeu Ishtene”. In fact her breakthrough into movies was quite eventful, having bagged the best debut actress for her performance in the film. She later on also became a recipient of the prestigious South Indian International Movie Awards (SIIMA) in 2013, making her presence felt in the entire South Indian diaspora, specifically in South East Asia. The Filmfare award for the best supporting actress in South Indian movies also came her way in the very next year.
In spite of her obvious talent and popularity she has been choosy about her roles and has so far not acted in as many films as would have befitted her talents and standing. However, she still has years ahead, having been in the industry for just about 7 years till now. Industry insiders feel she has much more to contribute not only for her native Kannada film industry but also to South Indian films in general.


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