Soundarya Raghu

Other names of Soundarya Raghu: Soundarya, Sowmya Satyanarayan


Birthday: 18-07-1972
Date of death: 17-04-2004
Star sign: Leo

Soundarya Raghu was born on 18 July 1972. She was the producer of movies and a film star in India. She is mostly famous for her work in the cinema of Telugu. Even she has worked in some movies of Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Bollywood in the leading roles. As being the producer of the kannadian movie called ‘Dweepa’ in 2003, she has achieved National Film Award.

She has also received best actress awards for working in Karnataka, other Filmfare awards from south and Nandi awards for working in performing such as ‘ Anthapuram’ released on 1998, ‘ Raja’ released on 1999, Dweepa in 2003 and ‘Apthamitra’ released on 2004. She died due to the crash of aircraft on 17 April 2004 when she was going to Andhra Pradesh to campaign for Bhartiya Janta Party.

She was born in Karnataka in India. Her father was an industrialist and a film writer in Kannada. She married with a software engineer named G.S. Raghu and stopped her study of M.B.B.S in between. In Andhra Pradesh, she had too much popularity and was the most known film star after the Savitri in cinema. As an actress, she was a very efficient performer and in each movie, she had performed very responsible and a positive attitude performance.

She was the very result oriented T.V star. Just in the period of twelve years, she has done 114 movies in Telugu. Due to her success, she had a large number of the fan base and popularity in Telugu. Her first hit movie was in 1993, in Telugu named “Rajendrudu Gajendrudu” in which she was in leading role, and S.V. Krishna Reddy worked as the director of this movie. In this year, she had a very nice starting with the release of another movie.

The movie that made her most famous was ‘ Hello Brother’, released on 1994. Another movie in 1994 also has had the good fame. Then in 1995, she performed in ‘Peddarayudu’, and this was also the big success. She had worked with all the biggest stars of Telugu. In this way, she kept her work continued till 2004 and alongside her success remained continued. She had done around ten movies each year from the period 1993 to 2001.

Although her work got some slow down after then, still she was working on an average of seven movies each year. She has also performed in films of other languages. She has worked in Hindi movie ‘Sooryavansham’ and some super hit movies of Tamil- Kaadhala Kaadhala, ‘Arunachalam’, and ‘ Padayappa’.

Another Version of this Story…

Soundarya, the second most popular heroine in the history of Telugu cinema, was born in Bangalore, Karnataka as Sowmya. She is an Indian film actress who has worked in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi movies in lead roles. The strong, positive and responsible characters she played in her movies made her gain tremendous popularity and praise. There was a time when every director craved to caste this actress. Not only this, she has taken many awards at home for the justice she gave to the characters she played.

This versatile actress was married to G.S Raghu. "Dweepa”,”Ammoru”,”Anthapuram”,”Raja” and many more depicted how fine she was as an actress and she won awards for these too. Regarded as a thorough actress she was critically and commercially one of the most successful actresses in modern times. She shared a screen with stars like ‘ Chiranjeevi’, Amitabh Bachchan, ‘ Rajinikanth’ and many more.

Sadly mishandled by fortune, Soundarya’s journey of life was short lived. She died in an aircraft crash near Bangalore when she was heading to Andhra Pradesh to campaign for the Bhartiya Janata Party for the upcoming elections. Not only did we lose her, but also the fetus she was conceiving.

Though the success and popularity gained by Soundarya were shortlived, this reigning queen of Telugu cinema was once popularly called as Numero Uno by the Telugu media and magazines. Her death was a great loss to the Indian cinema, predominantly the Telugu cinema.


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