RJ Bharathi


Being a Sagittarius by birth, Bharathi is a Malayalam radio jockey, who conducts the show ‘ Devaragam’, from five to seven in the morning, for all seven days of the week. The show broadcasts all round the year. She currently lives in the city of Hyderabad. Earlier, she used to conduct some other show, but after the year 2013, she shifted to Devaragam. Her voice is admired all over Southern India.

She is fond of both music and dance. Bharathi is deeply attached to her culture. She is a lover of reading and listening to stories, folk lores, all sorts of myths, religions, rituals, etc. She believes in God, and often visits temples and goes on pilgrimages. She is also fond of trekking and tourism. Traveling is her hobby, and she wants to go around the country and absorb the nation in her veins. She believes in dreaming and is a day-dreamer. In her show, Devaragam, she talks about dreams and gives the courage to fulfill them. She loves to celebrate all the festivals. She celebrated Christmas with fun and frolic, and has even posted an article and pictures on her blog. She might be a young woman, but she is a kid inside. It can be easily identified by her choices. She still likes to read the Tinkle Digest, Amar Chitra Katha, Archies, etc. Even her all time favorite movie is Kung Fu Panda, and all the other kid's films.

She is a multi-talented person and is full of life. She loves to relish each moment of her life. She doesn't like to wear fancy or modern clothes. Cotton stuff is her favorite to wear. She adores actors like Mohan Babu, ‘ Rajinikanth’, Hollywood fame Jackie Chan, Jim Carrey, and all the muscular and tall men of the American film industry. In Bollywood, she likes the actor Hrithik Roshan. Her favorite moment in any movie is when the logo of Radio Mirchi appears before the start of any picture. English songs sooth her ears, where Michael Jackson is her favorite.


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