Kamal Haasan's Tryst With Hollywood

Kamal Haasan's Tryst With Hollywood English Article

Indian films are of Hollywood standards. And this phrase is synonymous with Kamal Haasan. He has brought a trend in Indian films; wherein the standards are equal to Hollywood films. Growing with every film, he also makes it a point to bring about innovation in technical aspects, just like Hollywood flicks. Even his soon-to-be released flick has Hollywood technicians working on it. Some may think that Kamal pokes his nose into every department of filmmaking, thereby dominating others, but that is only a misunderstanding, as per a famous director who directed him.

Several of Kamal Haasan's movies have been sent to the Oscars, but somehow it failed to strike a chord with the Academy jury. When it comes to selecting script for his films, Kamal Haasan has always smartly balance d between original and inspired scripts. Some stories of his films were inspired by Hollywood films. For example, Avvai Shanmugi was inspired from Mrs. Doubtfire, Anbe Sivam from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Thenali from What About Bob, Mahanadhi from Hard Core, Guna from Tie me Up, Tie me Down, Nammavar from The Principal, Nayagan from the God Father, etc. And now Thoongavanam which is a Diwali release is inspired from the French movie Sleepless Night. Well, when one thinks about why Kamal Haasan is inspired by Hollywood, one may blindly label this as a copycat business. But Kamal Haasan also maintained his stand that Hollywood flicks were also inspired by South Indian films, mainly Tamil. In an industry that reaches a wide audience, it is a safe bet to try on already won Hollywood films, also elevating the taste of audience.


As of now, seven flicks that had Kamal Haasan had been sent to the Oscars. There are talks of Kamal Haasan teaming up with Hollywood producer Barry Osborne for a Hollywood project. This has been making rounds for the past three years, but maybe these celebs want to bring a perfect outcome; that's why they are waiting. Kamal Haasan and Barry Osborne were lavish when it comes to heaping praise on each other.

Well, let's wait and watch when we will get to see Kamal's work in Hollywood films. 


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