Top 10 Things That Bollywood Movies Have Taught Us!

Top 10 Things That Bollywood Movies Have Taught Us! English Article

I know all of us love watching Bollywood films! Talking about me, I am an absolute film lover. Every movie that interests me, I hit the theatre to watch it. There is an imaginary world that Bollywood creates and all the things in it are so magical! Here is a list of top ten things that I have learned from Bollywood.

1) Aren't all the romantic scenes in Bollywood magical? Every time the heroine looks at the hero, a song starts playing in the background. And the music in the background makes the scene even more magical. Isn't it? Also, along with the magical music in the background, every time any romantic scene appears suddenly there is this surge of air that comes in. Suddenly, the hairs of the actorstartswaving in the breeze. That's how I get the hint of the romantic scenes!

2)In the real life, if you have a twin it's so much fun to play around! But, in the movies if at all you have a twin, you can bet that he or she is an evil one. And also he or she will always be in a constant search for opportunities to take your place and enjoy all the luxuries that you have!.are enjoying!

3)Stunts! Stunts are what I find as being the most fascinating things in the Bollywood movie! If you have read the Alchemist, you may recall a scene where the boy had to turn into a wind. I found it completely impractical at first, but later I saw this scene from the movie ' Kick'. It answered all my questions. Where there is a will, there is indeed a way. Maybe???

4)How many of you have watched ' Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi?' If you have watched it. I bet you have found this funny. Shah Rukh Khan just gets a good haircut, removes his moustache, changes his style a bit and woah! There he becomes a totally different person, Raj! And our innocent heroine doesn't even realize? For God sake, he is your husband!

5) If you have a pet, you obviously love it. But would you believe that your pet has gotten some superpowers? Yes, Bollywood has made us accept that pets have superpowers and the owners can use them any which way which they want or better yet they have the power to turn the plot completely. Like, see the picture below. Remember this scene from ' Hum Aapke Hain Kaun?' Not Salman but Tuffy was the real hero!

6)Next I would like to go for the dress code followed in some scenes. Like, in the picture below from the movie, 'KuchKuchHota Hai'. Remember Anjali and Rahul having a basketball match? Yes, Anjali decides to play the sport in saree and also she is very confident of winning it! Seriously?

7) The makeup and the looks of the actresses are another thing that amazes me! Like it is 3 am in the morning, the heroine is sleeping and if you zoom into her room, you will see her on the bed, perfectly dressed and with all the makeup that people would never wear especially when they are off to sleep! Maybe, the actresses have some important meetings in their dreams and they can't afford to look ugly!

8)The Bollywood Songs!!! Oh My God. Anywhere, any time of the day. Be it in the middle of the street, in an isolated place or in a public transport, our lead characters start dancing and out of nowhere the whole crowd around them who was busy in their chores starts to dance with them with perfect coordination. When did you even practice?

9) Again, coming to the concept of love as portrayed in the films. No love can be made official till the hero and heroine have a song associated with it. Where they will roam places, sometimes even abroad! Great imagination. I must say!

10) Unending series of villains! Whenever the hero and heroine finally reunite there are tons of problems awaiting them!. And even any of them reaches their death bed while fighting for 'them', the others offers some prayers and boom, he is alive again!